Friday, November 30, 2012

Beach Visits

Chilling at the beach

Topless sunbathing is a favorite pastime of the locals

Hanging out at the beach at sunset

Coral at low tide

Coral at low tide

curly wave

Kids sitting on seawall 
OK, this is my last post of random images.  My next ones will be detailing my adventures around the island.  This batch is from my numerous visits to the beach.  Réunion's best beaches on are the western to south western side of the island.  Saint Gilles is about a 45 minute drive from here and is the resort city of the island.  Etang-Sale, another drive up the road, is known for having black sand volcanic beaches.  St. Pierre has some beaches to boast of itself, with a couple of lagoons for diving and snorkeling and some good waves to go kite surfing.  The fish are quite unlike I have seen before, at least in the wild, and it's neat to be able to see them up close.  It makes me wish I had rethought getting an underwater housing for my camera.  The parrot fish are super colorful and very territorial.  They will attempt to pick fights with anything that enters into their domain (including my leg).  Humpback and blue whales are often seen around here, and great white sharks roam the waves further north.  I am absolutely fascinated with the beachy culture and I could probably stare at the waves for hours.  I have photographed the waves over and over, trying to capture the feeling they give me, but so far, I feel like I haven't quite succeeded.  Living on this island has made me re-realize that I need to live near an ocean.

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