Monday, November 5, 2012

Akureyri Day Three

Akureyri from the dock


Giant boat in fjord

a tour boat


On top the stairs to the church

On top of the stairs to the church

Fjord at sunrise


Fjord at sunrise

Icelandic waterfowl


ice floating in fjord

Fjord at sunrise

Akureyri before sunrise

Mountain at the end of the fjord

Tour boat

Fjord at sunrise

Hello everyone!!!  I was going to post this last night but the Northern Lights tour got over pretty late and I was exhausted.  Since we didn't see anything last night, we are going again tonight.  The tour company guarantees a sighting, so you keep going until you either leave Akureyri or until you see something!  So fingers crossed that I will see something tonight, although with the weather the way it is now, it's not looking really promising.  All was not lost last night, however, as one of our stops was at the waterfall Godafoss (it's pronounced Go-dtha-fo-ss).  The tour stops at the bottom step of the falls (the more impressive bit is a little further up a trail).  I was able to take some awesome images of the falls by night.  Also, my favorite constellation Orion, is GIANT up here.  And being able to stargaze in almost total darkness was brilliant.  Yesterday I also got to witness a pretty awesome sunrise.  The sun finally decided to come out and show itself (for a whole four hours!).  It never got high up in the sky, it hung low in the south and created some really beautiful morning light.  Enjoy!

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