Saturday, November 3, 2012

Akureyri, Day Two

Black and White mural on the side of a house

Paris Cafe

Boat in the fjord

on the sidewalk next to Geysir, a wool shop



cool globe light outside my hotel

Indian Curry Hut

Pyramid Mural next to what would be an excellent sledding hill
Well the weather is starting to clear FINALLY!!  I'm very excited about it.  Tonight it cleared up enough for me to see the mountain in it's entirety on the other side of the fjord.  In some spots there are shear cliffs that drop off to the sea.  Even though I only saw it in the dark, it was breathtaking!  I also ate puffin today.  It was interesting.  Tomorrow there is the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights, so fingers crossed!  I feel that a lot of the images I have taken so far on this trip have been lackluster, mostly I think due to the snow.  I can't quite capture the feeling I want to.  Hoping that changes in the next day or two.  Tomorrow I'm going to go inside of Akureyrakirkja, the church right above my hotel. Hopefully it is open tomorrow since it wasn't open today.  I also may check out the pool that is fairly close behind the church.  I discovered that the boat in the fjord is a museum, so I think that will have to be looked at.  Today I also found the cultural center, called the Hof, and I may be checking that out this week as well.  finally starting to get my bearings.  Isaac (my husband, who was not able to go on this venture with me) and I also determined that we are going to be coming back here in the summer for beautiful weather, botanical gardens, and whale watching, as well as the waterfalls that it looks like I won't be able to get to.

Well, it's bed time; after midnight, and I've had my prebed cup of cocoa to warm myself up.  Till next time.

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