Sunday, November 18, 2012


boat being sprayed off


cool looking boat

smooth ocean

off the pier

off the pier

boat right outside hotel

hotel exterior

wallpaper in hotel room, nautical knots!

a small boat amidst whale watching giants

boat cleaning

part of the dry dock
Ok, this is the last of Iceland.  It kind of makes me sad, and part of the reason why it has taken me so long to finish these images is because I really felt a connection to the place and finishing them felt so final.  But I know everyone is anxious to see images of my current locale, so before I move on to those, I'll post once more on Iceland.  I wasn't in Reykjavik for very long, but it was a very beautiful place.  I really enjoyed the hotel I stayed in.  It was right on the marina and a boat was literally 200 feet from my window.  I spent the afternoon wandering around the boats and the boat Museum (aptly named Viking, and I only ventured around the outside environs because of the time).  The night was finished at a restaurant called Slippbarinn, where I enjoyed a dish called pan of fish, a nice chardonnay, and one of the best desserts I've ever had (a mixture of graham crumbles, blueberries, fresh cream, freeze dried ice cream and Skyr, Iceland's version of a creamy yogurt).  Then it was off to bed before my day of 15 hours worth of flying.  At least I got a very relaxing evening before the craziness of the next day took place.

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