Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Grant Project: The Paint Part IIII

Rembrandt Lamp Black is another paint that I feel I had really great results with. I only selectively bleached three of the prints, which is a really great feeling! I only had one paper out of the eight that I feel didn't offer usable results. This paint and the Charvin Mars Black have been my two favorite so far.

I may have covered this previously, but if you noticed a different tonal color to the prints, it has to do with bleaching. A bleached print will be more cooler toned, while a non bleached print will have a very warm color to it. You'll notice that these two that I picked for this blog post are very warm toned. They were not bleached at all.

Fabriano Acquarello Cold Press

Fabriano Acquarello Hot Press 

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