Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More of January 8th

After the sunset, I decided to do a couple of long exposures on the beach.  These range from 30 seconds to 1 minute exposure time.

January 8th

I decided to do a true sunset progression on January 8th.  I set up my tripod, and took all of these at exactly seven minutes apart.  I plan on doing this again several times in different locations throughout Reunion.  

St. Denis again

My friend Camille and I ventured into St. Denis in hopes of finding the art museum.  We eventually stumbled upon it, and in the process we discovered a different side to Reunion Island.  St. Denis has ARCHITECTURE, something that seems to be lacking a bit in the south.  There is a totally different flavor in the North, and it was refreshing to discover some of the Island's past and to view the culture of the island from a different perspective.  St. Denis is where all of the old mansions are, where all of the art history of the island resides, and where I found a really cool old car.  

The highway wraps around this cliff

Mansion from the 1800's 

Finished the day up with a sunset by Camille's house 

St. Pierre post Dumile

The day after Cyclone Dumile wandered through the island, I wandered around St. Pierre to see if there were any devastating effects from the storm.  St. Pierre was hit pretty minimally, so instead I got some fabulous images of the port and sunset.  

Bridge near the Port

Dumile took out this bus stop

Fishing boat

Fairly empty beach post Dumile

This is a parking lot, but after Dumile it was a lake

Near the Port