Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Grant Project: The Paint part III

I'm a bit behind in posting on my paint experiments, but they have been in progress over the last couple of months.
This round of paint is Gamblin's Ivory Black. I really liked this paint, and had some pretty awesome results. I had four out of 8 prints work great, and two sort of work. All of the smoother papers seemed to like this paint.
I have completely removed bleach baths from my work flow. If I feel that a print may need a bit of bleach, I'll selectively brush it on and then use a soft spray nozzle on my spray bottle. It's been a good thing, because I really don't like using bleach!!

Fabriano Acquarello Cold Press 

Fabriano Acquarello Hot Press

Fabriano Artistico, hot press, selective bleaching


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