Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Still traipsing through Iceland

I'm still wandering around Iceland and will be for a couple more days. It has been a bit of a roller coaster of a trip. The first five days were some of the best five days of my life. I got to go back to Akureyri. Myvatn was AMAZING. We hiked into a large crater, did another large hike in the area, photographed Harlequin ducks, and saw the Northern Lights three nights in a row. We had dinner one evneing in the Cowshed, a restaurant on a dairy farm where you watch the cows while you eat. Afterwards you can go meet the cows (which I absolutely did, because why not?). It was a dream.

Then we drove from Myvatn in the North to Eskifjordur in the East Fjords.

I had rented a Suzuki Jimmy (nicknamed James Thorsson) for the trip. James feels like he is going to tip over at the slightest gust of wind, and after we left the protected shelter of Myvatn, we encountered wind that decided it no longer wanted us on the road. The drive from Myvatn to Eskifjodur isn't terribly long; I had planned it so that none of our drives would be longer than three hours. This one really didn't take us any longer than it should have, but we were tense the whole time, my husband had white knuckled the drive and was exhausted. We stayed the night in a guest house that I had been so looking forward to staying in. It was on a peninsula in the middle of a fjord and just looked spectacular. However, with a foot of rain in a day and hurricane worthy wind gusts, the little peninsula was rocked all night and the weather never did clear up.

The drive from Eskifjordur to Hofn was worse. The road hugged fjords and cliffs for most of the way and the wind gusts were still pushing above the 60 mph range. It was absolutely terrifying, but we saw a small respite by helping a farmer herd his sheep off the road. The wind began to die down a bit, the rain mostly eased up, and the rest of the drive was great.

I'll write several more detailed posts over the coming week or so, I really should have been writing one every night, but with hiking all day and chasing the northern lights well past midnight for at least five of the days here, I've been just exhausted with everything.

So for now I'll leave you with a few of my favorite photos from Myvatn and the drive to Eskifjordur that I was able to photograph.

Godafoss at sunset, Myvatn Region. If you look in the upper right corner, you'll see the start of the Northern Lights

Harlequin ducks on the Laxa River, Myvatn region

Me, meeting cows :D
First night of seeing the Northern Lights over Myvatn

Our Eskifjordur guesthouse

Our Eskifjordur guesthouse

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