Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cyclone Felleng

Well, folks, this is probably going to be my last post from Réunion Island.  In three days I will be embarking on an adventure in Madagascar, where I probably won't be able to post at all.  So, this will be it for a couple of weeks.

At the beginning of February there was another cyclone that came through the Island.  It had originally been classified as a category four.  It passed the Seychelles and created messes there, swept by the tip of Madagascar, and ended up making waves in Mozambique.  By the time it got to the channel between Mada and Réunion, it had been downgraded to a severe tropical storm.  However, it wreaked as much havoc as Dumile had done the previous month.  I live in Terre Sainte, a neighbourhood of St. Pierre that can be accessed by a bridge, the freeway, and a road cut through the bottom of a ravine.  After Felleng came through, the road at the bottom of the ravine became a muddy waterfall mess, and I walked around it and photographed it from every angle that I could.  It must be a pretty rare occurrence, because the locals showed up in droves to check it out.  One of them let me photograph her in front of the waterfall, not believing that I didn't work for a news station. These are some of my favorite photographs from my time here.

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