Sunday, January 6, 2013


It has taken me way too long to post these images.  My friend and I ventured to the active volcano located on the island.  It's called Piton de la Fournaise, and it erupts every once in awhile, and occasionally oozes out lava.  It is also one of the coolest places on the island to watch a sunrise, and that was the purpose of our venture.  We left my place at three in the morning in order to make it to the volcano in time, and it was INCREDIBLE.  From the volcano, both the southwest and mideast coasts of the island are visible, and the Indian Ocean spreads out in the south.  On this particular morning, clouds covered the ocean, and we were well above the cloud cover.  It was easily in the top five of my favorite mornings to be alive, and I'm very excited to go back and photograph another sunrise.  Enjoy!

My friend Camille and I 

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